Sunday, July 27, 2008

........Removing my goggles to prevent fogging and my helmet so I can blow on my fingers to help warm them up. (Motorcross gloves aren't exactly thermally insulated) Mike had set a good ride pace to this point so the rest of me was hot and it didn't take long to get the circulation back.
Other riders where blasting past, oblivious to the cold I thought. Putting my gear back on I head up the track to find 4 others including my riding buddy stopped about 500 meters from where I was. Good to know I'm not the only wimp feeling the cold!

The rest of the loop went a lot better aside from the occasional fogging of the goggles. Getting back to the pits, rain still coming down, people and riders going all directions. If you weren't riding you are taking cover, and the coffee tent with its patio heater was the ideal place to thaw out.

After hot coffee and food we hit the biggest loop -55k of forest and fire breaks.
It took us 2 hours of battling uphills with ruts the gave bike and body a hammering. Steep slippery downhills, rain ruts, mudpits, tight switchback forest trails and fast open stretches. (and we do this for fun??)
Riding back into the pits, a little sore and tired (read - knackered), late in the avo, muddy and wet but with a smile on my face.
The key to enjoying riding, no matter what the elements throw at you, is good riding gear.

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