Monday, August 4, 2008

If there isn't enough reasons already to prevent me from riding, the weather this week added
to my displeasure. I have been chaffing at the bit to get out on a bike and get some fresh into me.
Sitting at my desk looking at the work I should be doing, holding a cup of coffee, thinking about
anything but work. Half heartedly I opened a browser and started checking out some of my bookmarked sites.
Not long having bought a new Cortech Denim jacket and a pair of Joe Rocket gloves, my enthusiasim for looking for something new for my riding wardrobe or bling for my bike was a bit low. If you have got the time check out Revzilla they have got some great closeout specials.

Amazing what you find when you idolly surf around checking shit out. is a site for those interested in bikes (bicycles). I think it is anyway, could be about teenage sex!

The 14th XAir Games have been on all weekend. The fact that I now these are on and have been watching them is a testament to my boredom and imprisonment inside.
The talent of the entrants at these games is pushing the goal posts further apart every year.

I dont know alot about skateboarding but on the Big Air ramp these guys are jumping 70 feet and gettingto heights of 22 feet while doing various backflips, 360s etc. Check it out on ESPN/EXPN and I am sure there will video footage on You Tube.
Looking forward to seeing Travis Pastrana in the rally car. Considering he is normally in the Freestyle MX events it should be quite entertaining.
Jeremy Lusk took out the Freestyle MX this year.

With all this watching others doing what they like to do has not really improved my mood to much. At least the rain has stopped and I have got my fingers crossed that the coming weekend will be great for doing what I like - riding. (might even pull the moutain bike out)

See Ya

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