Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mags or Blogs

Many of us subscribe to a variety of magazines on the topics we love to read and learn about. Me I subscribe to just one! A monthly issue of a local motorcycle magazine - you would never have guessed that - Kiwi Rider. When a new issue arrives in my post box I am a bit like a kid with a new toy. I rip off the plactic cover and flick through the pages checking out whats new in the motorcycle world. Thats my first read, over the course of the next couple of weeks the mag gets picked up and put down a dozen or more times and each time I find something else interesting that I didnt find the previous times. It takes me a month to finish with the magazine and by this time the next issue is due. Thats what I love about printed material, you can read it, leave it, put it down and come back a few days later and there it is right where you left it.
I also subscribe to a couple of Blogs - no, not just on motorcycles, I do have other interests! These Blogs have great reading and the information on them is up to the minute stuff, as you would expect these days from our great online communities. What they dont have is that lingering effect. Once you click off, its gone, only to come back when you decide to next visit the site again. In many cases I never do, I skim read over all the relavent stuff - like I do when I first rip open the magazine - but dont go back to it, until something jogs my memory. Why? It's not sitting there in front of me while I eat my breakfast or laying on the floor beside the bed to flick through one more time before I turn the lights out. Sure laptops are portable but it's just not the same. If you have a hobby or are passionate about a particular interest you cant beat good old print for great information and worthwhile reading.

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