Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Beach and the Food

You will never go hungry in Korea. There is more food places than any other shop, its amazing they can all stay in business. Food is also very cheap.
J'ean and I are not so good at waiting around and by early afternoon we had had enough. We needed to get some food and do a little shopping. Lotte - is large department store and hotel. It seems women love the department store - Why?
Because they seem to make up 80% of the people in the stores and restuarants. It would seem they get to shop and do coffee with their friends while husbands and fathers work to support their life style. On a side note, Korea does have one of the highest suicide rates in males and there divorce rate is amoungst the highest in the world...... I wonder why?
Ordering food is done with alot of pointing and smiles. Your meal comes with 2 or 3 small side dishes, usaully spicy and mild. J'ean did eat one of those small green chillies - he was unaware of what it was - his face turned red, eyes watered and started fumbling for a glass of water. Me being the good mate, I was having problems suppressing my laughter.
Moving from the food floor down to the fashion floor we shopped for jeans for me a shirt for J'ean.......lets leave it at that!
Back at Junes place some new guests had arrived and we introduced ourselves and asked the normal questions, where you from, where are you going?
June gave us a small piece of good news, our bike paperwork has now been processed and the crates are awaiting transport to Sokcho. I will be very happy when this actually happens, fingers crossed for Monday.
Early evening saw us going out for Korean BBQ with 2 of the other guests, Chisato from Japan and Brandon from the States.
None of us can speak Korean although Chisato and Brandon can read it a little, the Korean BBQ place did not have pics of there menu just words in Korean and a price. In these situations the only thing to do is first ask for beer and then look like you know what you want and point at it and keep your fingers crossed that it will be pallitable. J'ean and I got our introduction to Korean Rice Wine. Chisato poured it into 4 small shot glasses and we all toasted each other and down the hatch it went.
Not the way I was taught to drink wine but none the less it tasted good. The food we ordered arrived and for want of a better desciption it is similar to stone grill except the stone in Korea is on fire and there is a grill above it. With a few chop stik skills and a pair of scissors we cut our food up into bite size potions and cook it. To eat the cooked food you place it on an open lettuce leaf and add various other garnishments. Above the grill is a hanging tube this the exhaust to extract the smoke from your burning food - something we did well at, as the waitress changed our grill plate 3 times. I think the rice wine shots had something to do with this. Walking the streets of Busan at night is something to be experienced, the place is complete transformation from its daytime appearence. If ever you find yourself here, go and buy icecream at Cold Stone, it is a show to watch and a delight to eat :)))

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