Saturday, May 22, 2010

Busan and the waiting game

May 18 - 19 Incheon and Busan

We wake to a foggy rainy day in Incheon Korea. I thought we had left winter behind - at least its not cold!
From Busan airport we caught a bus to our backpacker accomodation. With the language barrier we had no idea how we are supposed to pay for the bus or for that matter when we where suposed to get off. There was just enough english on our tourist map to figure out when to get off. We all ready knew that the taxi fare would have cost us between 15000 and 40000 won ($20 - 45 NZD). The bus driver seemed content to charge us 2000won (2.50 NZD), we didnt argue!
With a short walk in the rain and some finger pointing from the locals we found Zen Backpackers and meet June, the guy that runs the place. Located on the 15th floor of an apartment building it is not the easiest place to find. Contrary to its location the place absolutely buzz's with guests coming and going.
With having been feed and accomodated we proceeded to get on with the task of getting our bikes. June was rescuing knight here, he did alot of ringing around and organinising payments on our behalf. With an address in our hand we headed for the subway and what we hope is the location of our bikes. Even with the language barrier, Koreans on the whole are very helpful and often go out of their way to help.
Arriving at the GTC yard and a few introductions we go looking for the crates. We are happy to see they have arrived in one piece and are keen to get on with the task of uncrating them....... Whoa there boys, not so fast!!!
Customs have not yet cleared them. Damn. After a few more phone calls and some explaining we head back to Junes place without the bikes. All we can do is wait for a phone call when customs have released them. We spent the afternoon relaxing at the Backpackers.
The following morning...... "What can I say.......still no bikes"
Apparently Koreans do not like imported goods with out all the correct paper work. From our point of view we are not importing them into Korea but only using it as a transit zone. We are given the option of having the bikes shipped to Sokcho where we can board the ferry for Russia. Unfortunately for us it is now a public holiday here as they celebrate Buddas birthday, nothing will happen until Monday 24 May and even then we have to wait for a phone call from a transport company.
I am going to practice my yoga.....ooommmmm!!!!!

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Mike said...

Even with the best layed plans ,
there will be some hurdles, I'm sure you guys will get around it with customs .